Sunday, November 10, 2013

Log out from facebook


Click on the Facebook application from your Application list:

Samsung Galaxy S2 4.04 Android App List

Click on the icon on the far left hand corner with a blue surround and three horizontal lines – I have highlighted the icon with a green square.

Facebook Android Account Menu

This will load the Facebook menu.

Facebook Menu Android

On the Facebook menu, scroll down until you see “Account” – you will see a gear icon on the left hand side of it.

Facebook Account Menu Option

Once you've clicked on "Account" a menu will appear over the top which will then give you the option to "Log out" of Facebook on your phone.

Logout of Facebook on Your Phone

Click "Log Out" and you will be asked to "confirm" your selection.

Facebook Logout Android Confirm

You will now be logged out of Facebook on your phone.