Sunday, November 10, 2013

Freezing issues with phone

Hi Friends,

                   I  have always been getting complaints about people having old android phones and saying that their phone are working slow and it's turning out to be common problem.

So follow these simple steps to get your phone working as good as earlier .


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1) Do clear cache and clear cookies in your phone in your internet browser settings .

2)log out from facebook app every few days.

3) Disable built in apps.

these step is hightly recommended to samsung old phone users and old android phones.

go to application manager> manage applications>all apps

and than goto maps,chatbuddy,spotify,facebook,and any built in apps that you dont use.

and disable it

4)and than download application like Android Assistant 18 features by AARON and download it

and goto Tools>systm clean>full scan>clean it.

I can guarantee you it will get all your problems with freezing and phone switching off resolved.