Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mmx canvas 2 engineer mode

Micromax Canvas 2 Engineering Mode (A110) & Improve audio/touch & Tv Output

Hey Guys,

Recently I also Purchased Micromax Canvas 2, so thought of going through in deep, the first thing i noticed in the mobile was that its response of touch is less as compared to its other sets, but that can be due to its big screen & the Second Problem was of less speaker volume.

Here i will Provide You Solution to both of these problems :
The Solution to your touchscreen smoothness is a simple one just upgrade your mobile version to Jelly Bean.
Official Mod is now available on micromax ftp server.
You can search the net for micromax ftp server but you will have to login with username and password which is also easily available on net.
Just search for Micromax site username and password & u will get it.

Why Jelly bean : The JellyBean Version improves the lag on screen & it makes your touch more smooth at least you can feel this way, it is because of Project Butter,it is an integral part of JellyBean Version which you cannot see but it does modification to your existing version to give you a lag free touch experience.

Now For the Voice :
For this you will need to use the Engineering Mode
NOTE: Use it one your own risk/ i have tested all these settings and they work good for me but if you are not certain on how to use it or you don't have any techie knowledge prefer don't use it.

Audio Settings :
  1. To Go to engineering mode go to your dial pad & type "*#*#3646633#*#*" 
  2.  Next.
  3. Now If you have upgraded your phone then scroll on to right or if not then scroll down to hardware Testing Tab.
  4. In here Just Select audio then go to Loudspeaker Mode
  5. Now scroll down to Max Vol 0-160: By Default it is 128 & You can change it to 160 but at 150 and above i noticed it produces more noise then voice. When selected your preferred settings Click on set.
TV Output :  *#*#3646633#*#*
  1. Now in Hardware testing tab only you can also check your touchscreen Response their are settings like Handwriting recognition & Multitouch, just don't go in settings.
  2. Now in the hardware Testing Tab only you will find Tv Out and you can select tv -out Enable/Disable tick to enable it and then use otg cable and then usb to hdmi cable to view tv.
Wifi Performance Improvement:

  1. In Engineering Mode Only go to the Connectivity Tab :
  2. Now Select Wifi
  3. Next go to the Tx in this if you change Tx power Dbm then you will be able to improve your Wifi Performance Also.
  4. I was able to change it after rooting and using a software Wifi Fixer or analyzer.
Hope All this will help you in some way.