Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Changing SMS centre number

Here it is the step by step guide to help you with setting up your android SMS related problem.

STEP1.Before you dive into editing your message center number,it is always a good practice to call your network customer care line for a correct version of your message center number.

STEP2.Click on menu and open up your andriod device SMS application

STEP3.While on your device’s SMS application interface,click on menu and goto setting

STEP4.Scroll down,locate and select the message center

STEP5.Immediately you open up the message center option,you will be provided  options where you can either edit your message center number or refresh your device’s message center number.

STEP6.Refersh it to see ,if the message center number is right,otherwise key in the right one and tap the update button .
The procedure described above should be the same with all andriod phone,and so should work well in all cases.But if you are unable to locate your SMS setting on your device,i recommend you follow the alternative measure below ;

Dial *#*#4636#*#*.
You will get a menu, from that select Phone Information
You will find a setting “SMSC”
Refresh it. It is most likely to retrieve the message center number
from your operator. (Or call your operator, and get the message center
number, and then update in this field)Then the problem should be fixed.

Your issue with sending and receiving SMS should be solved after completing the aove procedure.If however its still not working ,you should then contact your service provider to ascertain what could be wrong.

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If however you have any issue,please feel free to share with us here so we can find  solution to them.
Take the SIM card out and stick it in a non-android phone (I used a Blackberry or a Nokia ), go to the messageing app, settings, message centre number and enter the real number, i.e. +447785016005.for example the one given to you by your network service provider.

Save, exit, power off, replace SIM into Android phone, job done.

Hope this helps someone ..